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Product Features

Our ProvePrivacy product delivers everything your organisation needs to evidence data protection compliance in a single integrated digital platform.

ROPA | ProvePrivacy


Manage your ROPA to identify data protection risks, maintain policies and procedures and provide colleagues with e-learning materials, from one single platform.


From The Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) to Policy Management, ProvePrivacy provides one platform to monitor, manage and evidence compliance.


By establishing a small network of data champions within your organisation you can determine where data is processed.  This allows your Data Protection Officer (DPO) or equivalent, to obtain a holistic view and demonstrate compliance.

Incident Management

Delivering an efficient digital platform to manage and handle any data breaches, data subjects rights and information requests directed to your organisation.

ProvePrivacy allows data related incidents to be raised quickly and managed from one central platform.

Data Breach Management | ProvePrivacy
Data Compliance | ProvePrivacy

Data Management

Our platform allows your organisation to demonstrate that it has the technical and organisational measures and reporting to support processes and meet international certification standards for data protection, with your ROPA directly connected to a live information asset register.


Using international standards as the basis to evidence that controls are in place ProvePrivacy provides you with the ability to demonstrate compliance; with reporting highlighting areas such as which colleagues have undertaken training and understood policies.


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