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Data Management

Our platform allows your organisation to demonstrate that it has the technical and organisational measures and reporting to support processes and meet international certification standards for data protection, with your ROPA directly connected to a live information asset register.

Data Controls | ProvePrivacy

Technical & Organisational Measures

Being able to evidence how an organisation is ensuring data protection through technical and organisational measures is a key element of meeting the requirements of article 30. 

ProvePrivacy uses international standards as the basis to evidence that controls are in place and are evidenced.

Set your objectives for data management against the objectives and controls set out in the ISO 27001 standard.  Use ProvePrivacy to determine which controls are in scope and make effective plans to put these controls in place.  Once the controls are effective upload evidence to show that your organisation meets the controls.

ProvePrivacy allows you to set your objectives and controls against the ISO 27701. This is an extension to 27001 which focuses primarily on privacy information management.  Most of the controls contained in this standard are met by ProvePrivacy, therefore meeting the standard is made simpler.

Reporting | ProvePrivacy

Reporting & Support

Reporting provides you with the ability to demonstrate compliance; reporting covers areas such as risk management, breach reporting and data subject rights.

We also have a network of partners that specialise in areas such as data protection and cyber security should you need additional support.

Reporting covers risk management, action planning, staff awareness, policy completion, breach reporting and data subject rights.  If there are any additional reports you require these can be developed by submitting a Feature Request.

ProvePrivacy is supported by our partner network of data protection professionals, cyber security experts and consultant DPOs.  If you are struggling to determine the best course of action you can complete a help request and we can provide the advice and support you need.

Information Assets | ProvePrivacy

Information Asset Register

The Information Asset Register is linked to the ROPA to show all of the assets which are used as part of your processing activities. It will allow you to understand the risks associated with each asset whist it is in use, and whilst the data is in retention.

Further development on our roadmap will enable further detail to be captured to support business continuity and service availability.

A data retention schedule is included that allows your data champions to select the document type which, in turn will automatically assign the relevant retention period. 

The Information Asset Register will allow for all assets to be understood and if deemed critical, the business continuity characteristics can be recorded to help you define your approach.


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