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Management Information

Our management information dashboards have been specifically designed to put the data compliance data you need at your fingertips.


Interactive dashboards mean you can quickly and easily drill down to the detail, identify exceptions, monitor progress and view potential risks.

Information Request Management | ProvePrivacy

Management Information Dashboards

The ProvePrivacy management information dashboards provide users with a way to easily view and drill down in to key pieces of information. From viewing the progress of incidents over time, track data subject rights requests, identify risk grades and more.


Charts can be easily exported from individual dashboards to a variety of formats including excel, PDF of image files.

This dashboard allows you to view data breach incidents over time and drill down in to specific areas such as the nature of incidents etc.. 

Via this dashboard you can easily see which types of data subject rights have been requested and view individual requests.

View requests over time and drill down in to more detail. You can also see why an information request was not disclosed to the requestor.

Using ISO 27001 here you can identify which controls are in scope and when controls evidence is in place.  It also provides a great overview of the scope of your controls.

This dashboard allows you to view risks over time but also identify risk grades before and after mitigation assessment.

Track when policies and/or procedures need to be reviewed by document owners and which colleagues have read and understood documents allocated to them.

Why use ProvePrivacy to manage personal data and privacy risks?

  1. One annual fee covers all the platform features

  2.  Unlimited users

  3. Access to free data compliance training & resources


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